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ASN Parent/Carer's Group


Garnetbank ASN Parent/Carer's Group:


What does 'additional support for learning mean'? There are many reasons why a child might need extra support in school. These include: Having a learning difficulty or disability (eg. Autism or Dyslexia) / Behavioural problems / Mental Health issues / Being bullied / Caring for someone at home / Being particularly able / Having a difficult family situation.

Additional Support Needs in children can be so varied and be either long or short term or can affect a child and their family at any time during their school years. Having a child with Additional Support Needs can mean parents and families have to deal with complex issues and a wide variety of systems policies and legislation, which can be overwhelming.

We hope to plan about four meetings over the academic year. The meetings will hopefully offer an informal place where parents/carers can voice their anxieties or concerns or even just enjoy meeting and sharing information with other parents in similar situations. The initial aim of the group is to be supportive by sharing knowledge and experiences.








Enquire: The Scottish advice service for additional support for learning. <> / Helpline: 0845 123 2303


Call Scotland: Helping people overcome disability and barriers to learning.

<>  / tel: 0131 651 6235


Dyslexia Scotland: Empowering people with dyslexia to reach their full potential.

<> / Helpline: 0344 800 84 84