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Literature Circles



Click on the links below to access a collection of resources to support the development of literacy skills through Literature Circles.


      Job Descriptions                     Alignment with ACfE                 Progression within 2nd L


Pupil Support Sheets

Ø Character Cop Frame

Ø Writer’s Tricks Explanation Sheet

Ø Writer’s Tricks Collection Sheet

Ø Summariser Hand

Ø Feelings Finder Hand

Ø Comic Creator

Ø Word Wizard Collection Sheet



I can… targets

Ø Character Cop

Ø Writer’s Tricks

Ø Summariser

Ø Feelings Finder

Ø Word Wizard

Ø Fortune Teller

Ø Question Writer 1-3

Ø Question Writer 4-6

Ø Choice Quote

Ø Lie Detector

Ø Fact Finder

        Ø Persuasive Pal



Assessment Stickers

Ø Character Cop

Ø Feelings Finder

Ø Lie Detector

Ø Summariser

Ø Word Wizard

Ø Writer’s Tricks





Circle Organisation

Ø Example Literature Circle Rota

Ø Lit Circle Leader - Responsibilities Checklist

ØSelf- Evaluation Spider Graph

Ø Circle Observation Feedback Sheet

Ø ‘Harvard’ Ladder of Feedback

Ø Book Review


Please take a look at examples of completed Literature Circle jobs within our Gallery section.

Some pupils also use Power Point to present weekly 'jobs' to their Circle. Click on the links below to view some examples.



Fact Finder     Summariser


Literature Circle Prezi......