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School Uniform


School Uniform & Bags 2020/2021      


Dear Parent/Carer,

Despite details being finalised for the next session, we do know that children will be in school part time next year and will need comfortable, washeable and manageable clothing.  Please consider clothes, shoes and bags which children can manage independently – this is especially important this year.  We are fortunate to have sourced a new recommended supplier, with more affordable prices and it comes recommended by other schools in Glasgow:


Why we have a uniform  

We promote and expect uniform to be worn as:

  • it is washeable and dries well.
  • it creates fairness.
  • it supports  a team spirit.
  • we want to avoid fashion competition/ pressure on families.
  • ensure affordability for all.

There is no obligation for children to wear badged items but many children and parents prefer them so remain as an option. 

Options for uniform are

  • Grey/dark trousers, plain dark leggings, pinafore or skirt
  • Gold Polo Shirt  (plain or badged)
  • White shirt and Garnetbank school tie
  • Navy cardigan or sweatshirt (plain or badged)
  • Dark school shoes / dark trainers (We encourage play so dark trainers are fine, but prefer no high fashion very expensive sports shoes.  No football boots for general wear). Warm and waterproof shoes in wet/winter weather.  Children will be learning outdoors at times.
  • Normally, for P.E.  children should have a t-shirt and shorts/leggings/joggers and a change of sandshoes/trainers.  No specific colour requirement.  No football wear thanks. 
  • P7s can wear leaver hoodie jumpers will be organised and can be bought from January 2021


Please NO hoodies or sweatshirts with branded logo’s or jeans should be worn to school.



  • White shirts, grey trousers/skirts, navy blue jumpers and cardigans can all be bought from Marks & Spencers, supermarkets or High St stores.
  • Garnetbank uniform items eg. Badged polo shirt, sweatshirts and cardigans can be purchased on-line from (which is our new and preferred supplier) 

    or our previous supplier 


  • ORDER SOON: As the run up to the new school term can be busy for uniform companies, please give yourself enough time for your items to be delivered to your home on time to you for the new school session starting in August.


School Bags and Independence of Managing Belongings  We recommend buying a school bag that is on the larger side due to the size of folder that your son/daughter will be given at school (if the rules allow us to send reading home). It should be large enough to hold an A4 folder, their jumper if taken off, a water bottle, spare socks, perhaps packed lunch etc. Often the bags are too small and children struggle to fit things, so scrunch everything up inside or need a lot of help from an adult:  Children really need to manage their belongings independently next year – please help young children prepare for this thanks.  (Velcro is normally a better option than laces and buttons P1 for example)


Thank you for your continued support and co-operation, Team Garnetbank.